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The right coaching changes everything.

Turn your big ideas into results, fast! I’ve helped hundreds of executives like you hit their biggest goals with personalized accountability coaching and systems that work.

Business coach, Betsy Richard, at her desk.

Process for One-on-One Accountability Coaching

Though different for each person, my style of coaching follows a similar process. We begin with awareness and discussion to identify gaps and create a tailored plan. This allows us to set in place the structure and processes you need to achieve your goals in business and in life. 

Then we execute the plan and follow up by measuring the results to determine what’s working and what’s not. We take what’s working and put in place a maintenance plan. And we start the process all over again to address any issues holding your business back, so you can take the next best step.

Infographic of Betsy Richard's Coaching Process, a 7-step process: Awareness, Discussion, Preparation, Execution, Growth, Evaluation, and Maintenance.

It’s not a one-and-done process. It's a return and learn, always! 

This is where accountability meets encouragement meets strategic planning.

If you’ve been trying to DIY it. You’ve read all the books. Taken all the online courses. Followed the “gurus” on LinkedIn. 

And you’re still stuck. 

It’s time to get the focused attention of a skilled coach who cares about your future. 

Discover how my coaching can help you live purposely while chasing your goals and avoiding burnout. 

Business Vision
& Growth 

Hone your strategic vision by focusing on the core areas required to build a foundation for sustainable growth.

Read testimonials from Michelle Judice, Becky Gogola, and Taylor Davis highlighting their experiences!


  • A clear and united business vision

  • An aligned, collaborative and solutions-oriented team

  • Systematic operations and processes

  • A strong business foundation prepared for growth 


  • Defining Vision 

  • Understanding Data 

  • Outlining Process 

  • Uncovering Issues 

  • Your People

  • Organizational Health


  • Organizational Checkup by Gino Wickman (pdf)

  • "A Tracked Number Grows"

  • Profit percentages

  • Conquering issues 

  • Achieving quarterly goals 

  • Systematic operations and processes

  • A strong business foundation prepared for growth  

Huge Returns on Investment

Clear Vision. Core Values. Processes and Procedures. 

Betsy's accountability coaching helped Rob Roy put in place systems and processes for growth.

Rob Roy
Owner, Abbeville Electric
Abbeville, LA

Because of the work Betsy and I have done together, my business is in a much better place structurally and is secure for the growth I anticipate.  

Betsy’s unhindered honesty and ways to help us be accountable are immeasurable.  We have established our core values, focus, 1, 3, and 10-year targets and so much more. 

A processes and procedures manual is now in place that will serve our business for a long time.  Communication, taking care of issues, respect for all and team spirit are up.  

If you want to get all the pieces together and make sure they are operating optimally, I recommend getting Betsy on board.  You cannot put a price tag on the feeling of peace that comes when there is more flow in operations.

The 6 Types of Working Genius

Working Genius is a model designed to help individuals understand their natural gifts and thrive in their work and life. It identifies six fundamental activities essential for any type of work. These activities represent the unique strengths individuals bring to their work, leading to increased self-awareness, productivity, and success.

Take Control of Your Professional Development

Gain insight into why some tasks are harder than others. 

Molly Richard gained valuable insight with Betsy's facilitation of the 6 Types of Working Genius

Molly Richard
Associate Program Manager, Ochsner Office of Professional Well-Being
New Orleans, LA

Before taking the Working Genius assessment, I could not pinpoint why I loved some tasks in my work life but really dreaded others, especially since I like my job overall and the mission behind what I do everyday. 

After taking the Work Genius assessment and talking through my results with Betsy, I gained an understanding of why some tasks energize me and others drain me. 

This has given me a helpful framework to communicate with my boss about the types of professional development I'm most interested in and the direction I'd like to take my career based on my own working genius.

DiSC® Based 
Leadership & Team Development 

Learn how to work better as a team using the Everything DiSC® model. Together, we will unlock your potential by uncovering your preferences and tendencies so you can create a collaborative and engaging work environment.

Read testimonials from Todd and Pitcher Allendorph and Steven Brooksher to see how DiSC transformed their teams!


  • Greater self-awareness

  • Know your stengths

  • Gain confidence


  • DiSC® Profile Assessment 

  • Agile EQ ™

  • Workplace Relationships 

  • Management 

  • Productive Conflict 

  • Sales 

  • Family DiSC® Work

Reach Your Business Goals

Accountability and Advice.

Luke Trosclair is a coaching client of Betsy's

Luke Trosclair
President & Managing Principal, Trosclair Wealth Management, LLC
Prairieville, LA

Betsy has been instrumental in helping me reach my business goals. She holds me accountable to reach those goals while giving me advice along the way.

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