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Align your team around a clear vision.  

Leave with a clear roadmap of where you are now and where you want to be. Tasks get prioritized. Decisions are made. Teams are energized to get the work done.

Betsy Richard is a trained meeting facilitator.

If you’re tired of meetings with no clear purpose.

That results in yet another meeting.

That lack focus. 

Meetings with no follow-through. 

That waste everyone’s time.

It’s time to stop running meetings and start facilitating them 
with an expert facilitator who can also train you to facilitate your own meetings better.

Types of Business Meetings

Sometimes it takes an outsider to get your team to collaborate, understand their roles, and buy into your vision. 

I work with diverse groups, facing complex situations, addressing questions that have no easy answers.

  • Weeklies

  • Quarterlies

  • Annuals

  • Planning Sessions

  • Strategy Sessions

  • Team Meetings

  • Leader Meetings

  • Retreats

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Project Planning

  • Project Status

  • Issue Resolution

  • Basic Improvement

  • Process Reengineering

  • Information Needs Analysis

  • Process Modeling

  • Data Modeling

  • Procedure Design

Key Outcomes

Each meeting is tailored to the needs of your organization. 

I’ll help you face uncertainty with greater confidence. Solve problems based on reality. Make decisions that give all parties a stake in the outcome. 

  • Innovative ideas

  • Diverse perspectives

  • Shared responsibility

  • Higher productivity

  • Reduced follow-up time

  • Commitment to action

  • Accountability

Get Everyone Aligned with YOUR Organizational Goals

Plan for a productive future. 

Betsy's quarterly meeting facilitation helped Steven Brooksher's team get on the same page.

Steven Brooksher
Insurance Agent, State Farm Insurance
Baton Rouge, LA

The 1st quarterly meeting was a great success! 

Betsy's facilitation helped us to uncover issues, hone in on finishing the 1st quarter successfully, and plan for a productive 2nd quarter. 

Having my team away from the office for half a day was difficult, but will pay off as we have grown more as a team, are focused in the same powerful direction, and know each other better to work better together. 

Thank you Betsy! This was not something I would have thought to do, but now see how vital it is going forward.

Planning Sessions for Nonprofits

Get back on track. 

Betsy facilitated a planning session for Cathi Pavy's nonprofit .

Cathi Pavy
Chief Creative Strategist & Owner, Pavy Studio
Lafayette, LA

Betsy's facilitation and engagement with the ABC fund for our 4-hour planning session was just what we needed to get back on track.  

She was prepared, engaging, and compassionately guided us so that we had a plan and direction when leaving.  

I would highly recommend Betsy for any facilitation of group meetings.  Also, the model she uses to guide non-profits and businesses absolutely works!


Facilitation of team workshops, executive retreats, keynotes, and meetings.


  • Selling

  • Accountability

  • Tracking

  • Getting & Keeping Appointments

  • Relationships

  • Referrals

  • Time/Promise Management

  • Organization

  • Scripting

  • Phone Etiquette

  • Body Language

  • Closing the Deal

Read testimonials from Terry Wofford and Terri Landry about sales development with Betsy!


  • Team work

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Time/Promise Management

  • Trust

  • Transparency

  • Delegating

  • Organization

  • Manageable & Measurable

  • Accountability

Read testimonials from Megan Montgomery and Staci Boudreaux about team building with Betsy!


  • Mindfulness at Work

  • Summoning Presence & Care

  • Developing a Culture of Spiritual Growth

  • The Five Love Languages

  • Book Studies

  • Reconnecting with Wellbeing

Read testimonials from Holly Cure and Amie Gamboian about gaining spirituality in the workplace.

Productive Sales and Leadership Teams

Gain internal cohesion. 

Betsy's team building sessions helped Terri Landry's sales and leadership teams. sales

Terri Landry 
Insurance Agent, State Farm
Abbeville, LA

Betsy has been a blessing to my staff, and instrumental in my business. Her work has supported me in determining where my team is and where we are going.


Betsy’s work with my team has enabled them to grow personally and work more as a team. 

I’m encouraged as she works with my sales and leadership team to develop more sound productivity and internal cohesion.


0:25 - Why personality assessments matter. The most important, most expensive, and most emotional thing in our business is our people. 

0:55 - Spencer Johnson’s book “Peaks and Valleys.” They’re a part of our businesses and our lives. 

1:30 - Gino Wickman’s book “Traction” talks about a 10-year cycle: two terrific years, six pretty good years, then 2 terrible years. Be prepared so you can make a comeback or pivot. 

3:40 - The importance of vision to let everyone know where they’re going and why… and when they’ll get there. 

3:50 - Make your business plan and look at it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly to make sure you’re on track. 

4:30 - You want people on your team that fit into the culture you’re building, so don’t settle for people that aren’t up to the task. It doesn’t pay off. 

5:50 - Gino Wickman’s EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Model and the six components of a business with emphasis on vision, discipline and teamwork in achieving business success. 

8:00 - The value of holding oneself accountable through outside eyes, such as a business coach, to stay focused and achieve goals. 

10:45 - Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great” and the need for getting the right people in the right seats and to measure progress with a scorecard.

12:56 - Use a structured process to identify, discuss, and solve issues. 

16:55 - It’s essential to hold regular meetings with yourself and take clarity breaks.

19:00 - DiSC assessment is a valuable tool for understanding interpersonal dynamics in the workplace. Four personalities are: Dominant, Influencing, Compliant, and Steady. 

28:00 - Recommendations include picking one gap in your business to work on until it’s done. Scheduling time to work on your business and making sure that everyone knows not to interrupt that time. And, keeping a grateful journal to stay positive and motivated. 

30:00 - In the end, building a team around a shared culture requires understanding and aligning with the core values of the business and reaching out for support when needed. 

“A Wiley study found 7 hours of lost productivity per 40-hour week due to dysfunctional communication and gossip.”

You can watch this video, read all the books, follow all the gurus on LinkedIn to DIY your business growth. 

But here’s the thing, most people don’t or can’t hold themselves accountable. That’s why they get a business coach.

Small Group Workshop for Emergency Planning

Learn to see obstacles as opportunities. 

Holly Cure, cafe owner, learned to stay afloat during COVID without going into debt

Holly Cure
Owner, Antoni's Italian Cafe
Lafayette, LA

After attending a Dave Ramsey class I facilitated, Holly was able to handle the changes the Covid pandemic caused for restaurants across the nation without going into debt or needing to borrow money. 

Despite the demands of her own demanding enterprise, she was able to focus on me in many ways as a mentor, guiding me over obstacles and teaching me to see them as opportunities rather than problems.

Betsy is the very definition of a go-getter. Through her deep faith in God, her belief in her own abilities and her fierce commitment to success, she literally 'goes' and 'gets' every goal she puts her mind to, with a laser-sharp focus on whatever that endeavor may be.



  • Getting & Keeping Appointments

  • Time/Promise Management

  • Accountability

  • Making & Keeping Great Client Relationships

  • The 4 Thieves of Productivity

  • DiSC Simplified

  • The Five Love Languages 


  • Accentuating the Positive 

  • 99% of Worry Never Comes to Pass

  • Feeling & Expressing 

  • Bursting Self-Sabotage

  • Being a Chameleon

  • DiSC Simplified

  • The Five Love Languages 


  • Leading Self. Leading Others.

  • Solving Issues

  • Ontological Checkup

  • Plan Your Work. Work Your Plan.

  • Understand Yourself and Others Better

Spirituality in the Workplace

And a partner for the growth of your organization.

Amie Gamboian has first-hand experience with Betsy's dedication and professionalism.

Amie Gamboian
Leadership Coach & Consultant, Who You Are Coaching
Omaha, NE

Betsy... never compromises her values and beliefs for short term success. She has built a business and a life that are historically strong and have great sustainable success. 

Both that business and her life have blessed multitudes of people.  She delivers a 'home run' with each assignment, much due to the level of prayer and preparation she invests into each assignment. 

She will deliver beyond your expectations, and will wholeheartedly partner with you for significant progress and growth in your organization.

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Be in touch today.

Call (337) 278-8932 or email for a complimentary 30 to 60-minute call/coffee to learn more about my tailored consulting services and corporate workshops.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Betsy Richard Consulting

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