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Customized consulting to grow your team and your business.

One-on-one consulting. Virtual and online coaching. Team building. Leadership development. Meeting facilitation. All tailored to the needs of YOUR organization. 

Betsy Richard at her desk.

Leading an organization is not just an achievement; it’s a responsibility. 


Predicting the future is hard, but change is the one thing we can count on. 

So, let’s get you prepared and get 
your greatest asset, your people, ready for whatever comes next.


Because only the strong ask for help.

And lifting up your people lifts up your entire enterprise.





A strategic consultant to help you build solid foundations internally that will catapult the growth of your leaders and their teams. 

My business consulting services are for you.



An accountability coach to work with you on implementing your business plans and managing your promises. An outside perspective from an experienced coach who’ll help you take the best and right next step.

Check out my one-on-one executive coaching services



An energetic facilitator to create passion, excitement, and energy at your next meeting or workshop. 

Learn about my facilitation services for small businesses and nonprofits and get me on your team.



Click the video to check out my interview with Vital Integrators, where I give my expertise on sales, consulting, and much more.


1:46 - Learn more about my background and what I do as a business consultant.

5:19 - Learn more about what kind of relationships I form with my clients.

7:47 - Learn what my title of "DiSC Certified Trainer" means, what DiSC is, and how DiSC can help your business. 

11:03 - 18:58 - Learn why the benefits of implementing DiSC outweigh the costs, how and why I can work with you and your business, and what I have to offer.  

Get Clarity on Your Vision and Core Values

Learn to understand yourself and each other better. 

Staci Boudreaux is an insurance agent with Allstate.

Staci Boudreaux
Insurance Agent, Allstate
Lafayette, LA
Carencro, LA
Moss Bluff, LA

Betsy helped me to have clarity about my vision and core values, especially when adding new agents to our team, to ensure we were moving in the right direction. 

Betsy and I focused on some small changes that have made a big impact on my business. 

My biggest asset is my staff and the team building work we did with Betsy helped us to understand ourselves and each other better, and I can’t think of anything more important than that for long-term success in a business.


About The Great Resignation

In this workshop for the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana we talk about what people are looking for from their jobs and how today’s workers seek recognition and sense of purpose in their work. 

2:20 - Learn about my role as a consultant and background. 

8:45 - Why people are resigning and ways to keep employees engaged and motivated.

10:50 -  The importance of a clear vision and involving team members in the process so that they feel they are a part of the vision. People want to be a part of something big.

12:50 - The importance of trust. People want to be able to trust their leaders and coworkers. 

23:41 - Introduction to the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Model by Gino Wickman for solopreneurs and small businesses. Looking at why a clear vision isn’t enough, you need data to support it. How holding regular meetings helps organizations address issues and improve productivity. Highlighting the need to identify, discuss, and solve problems in a timely manner to prevent them from recurring. The importance of identifying and prioritizing core values. And the importance of getting the right people in the right seats on the bus.

28:47 - The difference between issues, rocks, and action items.  Unsettled matters are issues. Rocks fall in the 90-day goal setting and are broken down into weekly and monthly actions that people can be held accountable for. And the importance of measurable progress and action items to solve issues that arise.

32:17 - Workplace spirituality, not religion, and its connection to mindfulness and meaningful work.

Spirituality in the Workplace

The last topic in this Zoom meeting brings up an often overlooked aspect of creating the type of work environment where people flourish and feel valued.​


Spirituality in the workplace is not about any one religion or faith. ​


Making room for spirituality in the workplace looks different from one organization to another. 


But one thing they have in common is that they allow room for mediation and mindfulness. Think of it as wellbeing in the workplace.

Trust and Open Dialogues

Reduce employee turnover by creating a stronger sense of belonging. 

Anita Begnaud, CEO of Downtown Lafayette.

Anita Begnaud
CEO, Downtown Lafayette Unlimited and Downtown Development Authority
Lafayette, LA

Throughout this journey, we gained essential insights into various aspects of our business. We honed our skills in effectively organizing and conducting staff meetings. 

Downtown Lafayette successfully formed a leadership team that thrives on trust and initiating open dialogues. This led to a stronger sense of belonging among leaders and team members. 

By going back to basics, we were able to individualize our communication approach, resulting in a more personalized and effective interaction.

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