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Meet Betsy.

Business consultant & growth strategist focused on delivering transformative results.


About Betsy

Betsy Comeaux Richard is a native of Lafayette, LA and a dedicated consulting partner and thought leader who guides entrepreneurs, business owners and sales teams to unleash their potential and find stable, sustainable growth. With 40 years of experience training and directing sales teams, Betsy knows that success can only come from personal development and a balanced set of core values like integrity, trust, confidence, and effective communication. Betsy prioritizes individual wellbeing in the workplace by helping your business create a healthy culture.  She forges strong client relationships, helping to grow her clients’ self-worth and their bottom line.


Betsy’s clients have reported up to a 54% increase in productivity compared to before they worked with Betsy. Her clients Todd and Pitcher Allendorph at Allendorph Specialties Inc. have reported a 48% sales increase and an almost 54% profit increase. Her expertise comes from a wide range of experiences. Betsy has been a solo entrepreneur and led a sales force of nearly 300 to a #3 position in the US and #7 worldwide. Her clients are business professionals, insurance agents, real estate brokers, financial planners, entrepreneurial business owners, and "solo"-preneurs. Whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or trying to drive growth in an existing business practice, Betsy will help you by building the confidence and encouragement you need to find success with ease, grace, and joy.


Betsy is an expert in implementing tools like Life Development, Managing Promises, Communicating & Delegating, Assessment Plans (DiSC®, 5 Love Languages), and Spiritual Direction. She builds custom strategies to facilitate success for you as a leader, your business, and your team. 

This video showcases highlights from my recent speaking engagement with Greatness Events.

  • 0:40 - I explain the power of the 3 C's: compare, criticize, and complain.

  • 3:32 - I share my personal journey of transitioning from a direct selling company to a more localized market, emphasizing the decision-making process behind this strategic move.

  • 4:50 - I discuss the beginning of my AIRBNB venture and the creation of "Cajun Gumbo for the Soul"

  • 7:24 - I touch upon the key factors that aid in making informed decisions by recognizing and exploring the possibilities that lie before us

Business, book, and BBB - 50 minute Interview with Chris Babin from BBB of Acadiana

Click the video to check out my most recent interview with Vital Integrators, where I give my expertise on sales, consulting, and much more.


  • 1:46 - Learn more about my background and what I do as a business consultant.

  • 5:19 - Learn more about what kind of relationships I form with my clients.

  • 7:47 - Learn what my title of "DiSC Certified Trainer" means, what DiSC is, and how DiSC can help your business. 

  • 11:03 - 18:58 - Learn why the benefits of implementing DiSC outweigh the costs, how and why I can work with you and your business, and what I have to offer.  





Interview Anchor


  • Received my bachelor's degree from ULL

  • Opened a direct selling business


  • Became a sales director, trainer and leadership and business coach in the direct selling industry working with sales force members nationally and internationally. 


  • Lead a sales force of almost 300 to the #3 position in the nation and #7 worldwide


  • Opened an Airbnb and soon became an Airbnb super host.


  • Prompted by friends and family to transfer my skills to the local market so Betsy Comeaux Richard Business Consultant came to life.


  • Received certification in Spiritual Direction


  • Became a certified Everything DiSC® Trainer


  • Became a certified The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Trainer

  • Joined Women of Wisdom (W.o.W.)


  • Became a certified Agile EQ® Trainer

  • Became an Amazon Best-selling author with her book "Cajun Gumbo for the Soul"

  • Became a certified 6 Types of Working Genius Facilitator

Born, raised, and still resides in Lafayette, Louisiana 


Speaker to crowds in excess of 6,500 people. 


Five-Star Super Host with Airbnb 


Certified Spiritual Director

Board of Better Business Bureau®

VP of Louisiana Spiritual Directors

Amazon Best Selling Author


"Betsy's teamwork using DiSC is fun and authentic.  Our team of 30+ had "aha" moments, awarenesses, and confirmations around their personalities, stressors, and motivators, and those of the other team members.  "

Heather Blanchard

CEO, United Way of Acadiana



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