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Client Spotlight

I've worked with some amazing people through the years. 



Dr.  Danielle Decou
Dentist, Dr.  Danielle Decou & Associates
Lafayette, LA

Danielle's Core Values

1. Patient Focused                            

2. Uplifting and Supportive Team

3. Confident and Reliable

4. Completeness and Consistency

5. Open to Change

Danielle's Core Focus

A trustworthy environment for patients while providing high-quality care.

Danielle's Uniques

1-Comfortable patient experience that feels like family

2-Sedation options

3-Latest Technology

Danielle's Proven Process

Greet→ Ask questions→ Build relationship→ Examine→ Diagnose→ Explain & advise→ Treat→ Set follow up appointment

Danielle's Guarantee

Little or no wait time.

Danielle from the Heart

I am genuinely thankful for Betsy! She has helped elevate our team and break down obstacles that we did not even know we had.  We were able to embrace uncomfortable situations with guidance to help us grow as a team and as individuals.  She has been a catalyst to push us to discover untapped potential within ourselves and within our team.  Betsy demonstrates a true devotion to her craft.  Forever grateful!

Danielle on Betsy

Betsy helped take that difficult step of just running off my energy to now being organized, structured, and having a vision.  She also adds accountability to our team and has been proactive in helping us be the best we can be.

Betsy from the Heart

Danielle and her team are the most caring and knowledgeable in the industry.  They work together to make sure every patient is taken care of exceptionally well.  Many patients have said they have "spa-like" experiences when they see Danielle.  She wants the best for her patients and her staff and goes to extreme measures to make sure they are all treated with care. You can count on an individualized and compassionate experience

todd allendorph.jfif

Pitcher Allendorph & Todd Allendorph
Allendorph Specialties INC.

Broussard, LA

Houston, TX

Allendorph Specialities reported a 48% increase in sales and a 54% profit increase in the 1st year of working with me.

Allendorph's Core Values

We strive to be a good and Christian company

We push ourselves beyond our limits

We treat everyone like family

Passionate, excellent service sets us apart 

By creating, sharing, and implementing, we are solution oriented

Allendorph’s Core Focus

Sell the best product to the customer at a competitive price with the best available service.

Allendorph’s Uniques

1. Experts in every product line we handle

2. 449 years of experience

3. In stock inventory ready to ship 24/7

Allendorph’s Proven Process

Talk and listen for needs -Quote -Payment options -confirm payment

plan -execute order -deliver and communicate delays -check up

Allendorph's Guarantee

Same day shipping when requested for in stock inventory or shipping will be free.  Same price 24/7

Pitcher from the Heart

Our employees are the heart of our story. Their hard work, dedication and customer service make up the legacy that is Allendorph. This amazing team, our loyal customers plus our quality vendors, have been the key to Allendorph’ s success for 35 years.

Todd from the Heart

We deeply care about our customers and helping them solve their problems. We will jump over hoops to help out a customer in need. We are blessed to have each customer and want to make each customer happy.

Pitcher on Betsy

Thirty years of ups and down in the oilfield can take a toll on business owners. Betsy came into our company and brought in a great deal of energy, fresh ideas and inspiration. She encouraged us to view our company through new lenses which helped us to develop strategies that improved current and future business performance and productivity.  Betsy guided us in uniting our employees resulting in a dedicated team working toward the same goals.  Betsy breathed new life into our company and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Todd on Betsy

Betsy truly cares about her clients and I appreciate it. She is a godly person and it shows in both her words and actions.

Betsy from the Heart

Allendorph Specialties, Inc. is the epitome of excellence in customer service. They truly care about their customers and go beyond the call of duty to serve. Todd and Pitcher are incredible leaders and treat all their employees with passionate care. They believe in doing good and doing the right thing always. It is a blessing to work with Todd and Pitcher and their Operations Manager, Scott Olivier. It is a privilege to be a part of the transformation to a higher level of communication and productivity. You cannot go wrong working with this company. 

Kelli Cook's headshot

Kelli Cook
Owner,, Hopeful Insights Consulting
Baton Rouge, LA

Kelli's Core Values​

1. Empathy & Compassion

2. Authenticity

3. Collaboration

4. Transparency & Trust

5. Installation of Hope

Kelli’s Core Focus

Providing trauma education, and tools to enhance emotional, physical, and relational wellness that improves the lives of individuals and organizations.

Kelli’s Uniques

1. Instilling compassion

2. Effective stress reduction tools

3. Engaging & transformational

Kelli’s Proven Process

1. Consult to identify your organizational needs. 2. Make a plan & strategy to meet those needs. 3. Agreement decided upon 4. Deliver a high-quality transformational experience 5. Evaluate and gather feedback

Kelli's Guarantee

A transformational experience; Quality and effective tools for wellness.

Kelli from the Heart

I am truly blessed and honored daily to support and help others to heal and engage in better self-care practices.  

Kelli on Betsy

She is incredibly wise and supportive.  Her intuition, guidance and accountability help move you toward your short-term and long-term goal for your business to be a great success!

Betsy from the Heart

Kelli is an incredibly sensitive human being using her passion and gifts to improve the lives of individuals and organizations.  Her unique approach to trauma makes her a sought after and 1 of a kind transformationalist.  You will be a more aware and healthy human being when you take advantage of her facilitation. 

Christine Diggs' headshot

Christine Diggs
Owner, Christine Diggs Interior Design
Greater New Orleans, LA

Core Values

1. Innovative Design

2. Genuine Client Relationships

3. Conscientious Process

4. Qualified Expertise

Core Focus

Create thoughtfully curated spaces


1. Design aesthetic

2. New construction experience

3. Drawings/technical work

Proven Process

1. Initial client consult

2. Proposal

3. Design concept

4. Implementation

Message from the Heart

Coming from a background in art, I was drawn to interior

design as a way to create livable environments that add to the client’s quality of life.

1 line about Betsy

I so appreciate Betsy’s ability to see through to the root of an issue and her direct approach of formulating a plan to reach the solution.

Betsy from the Heart

​Christine is one of the most creative and intelligent human being I know. Her attention to detail, and her care and concern for her clients is epic. Christine’s design work is beautiful, and her spirit is too. Choosing her to design your work or home will give it a fresh new feel that you will want to live in forever.

Terry Gradney's headshot

Terry Gradney
Owner, Affordable Chem Dry
Opelousas, LA

Terry’s Core Values

Christian Values 

Integrity and Honesty

Excellent Customer Service     


Pride in Work

Caring and Understanding 

Terry’s Core Focus

Cleaner Home Focus

Terry’s Uniques

1. Caring


Terry’s Proven Process

Call-Question/Listen-Guesstimate-Make House Call-Estimate-Schedule Job-Collect Payment

Terry’s Guarantee

If a spot comes back within 1-2 months, I will come back right away to reclean it.

Terry from the Heart

I love what I do because it gives me the opportunity to meet and work for a wide range of people. Conversations are great and sometimes we even pray together.

Terry on Betsy

She is a woman of God, powerful, and loves what she does. Betsy is what I have been missing in my business. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Betsy from the Heart

​Terry is one of the most customer service individuals I know.  His cleaning is impeccable and I am so glad I can count on him to clean my carpets and upholstery yearly.  Terry is a man of integrity and cares deeply for his clients and doing what is best for them.  You will be in good hands with Terry!

steve seneca.png

Steve Seneca

Steve's Core Values

1 – Creative Imagination

2 – Respect

3 – Professionalism

4 - Persistence

Steve's Core Focus

To enrich homes and businesses.

Steve's Uniques

1 – Swamping Scenes

2 – Painting on wood

3 – Cypress frames

Steve's Proven Process

Dream, Create, think big/Think bigger

Steve's Guarantee

Satisfaction Commitment

Steve from the Heart

I’ve always had aspirations to be an artist, my mom has drawing’s I did at age 5. I would practice in tablets that I still own & always will cherish. I painted this morning for 2 hours. Sometimes a while ago I realized that I was an artist, since the age of 5.

Steve on Betsy

Betsy has been a mentor & a coach for me keeping me on track for my goal of reaching “the next level.”


Becky Gogola
Realtor, Van Eaton & Romero
Lafayette, LA

Becky’s Core Values

Genuine, Reliable, Responsive, Committed, Accountable

Becky’s Core Focus

Being an asset to my clients whether buying or selling any type of real estate.

Becky’s Uniques

Compassionate, Detail Oriented, Approachable

Becky’s Proven Process

Instead of just showing homes or going on listing appointments, I love to get to know my clients and then together we uncover a path of what works best for them to reach their goal.

Becky’s Guarantee

If you are not 100% happy with my services, I will help you find another Realtor to work with.

Becky from the Heart

My purpose is to provide exceptional customer service with integrity to my clients in an honest and professional way. I am genuine, reliable, and detail oriented. I am here to serve others, build relationships and be an asset to my clients.

Becky on Betsy

Betsy is passionate about helping business owners reach their goals. She has taught me how to realize my strong work ethic and how to utilize my time and energies so I can serve my clients better.  She has taken the time to get to know me and help me balance my work and home life. 

Betsy from the Heart

Becky is all that she says she is. Her reliability, faith, family & career balance, and her professional & warm nature make working with her an easy flow. You will be making a wise decision when you choose Becky as your realtor.

Tony Quinn's headshot

Tony Quinn 
Owner, Quinn Physical Therapy
Lafayette, LA

Tony’s Core Values

Treat others as you would like to be treated 

Outstanding patient outcomes 

"Can do" attitude from all staff 

Infectious motivation of others

Trust and transparency

Tony’s Core Focus

Excellent evaluation and treatment of physical conditions

Tony’s Uniques

Specialized training, Serving the Lafayette community for 25 years, 5-star ratings, Lymphedema specialist

Tony from the Heart

Every patient is a gift, and an opportunity to change a life, often in a profound way.

Tony on Betsy

Betsy Richard has proved to be an invaluable resource for our team. She has a unique gift in that she is able to visualize the big picture of your business, help you, as an owner, identify its strengths, and weaknesses, explore its potential and identify your current "holes in the bucket" issues. Betsy is a genuine and dedicated professional, and truly exceptional organizer, who has helped to organize our team into a cohesive and motivated power force.

Betsy from the Heart

It is a privilege to consult with Tony. He and his incredible team are the epitome of excellent patient care. Tony is a compassionate PT and cares deeply for the patients and their well-being. They ARE their Core Values, and every team member works to provide the best client experience ever. Their patients get well! You will benefit when using them when you need these services.

Colleen Thomas' headshot

Colleen Thomas 
Licensed Counselor
Lafayette, LA

Core Values

Intentional listening and feedback, compassionate care, and mind/body approach.

Core Focus

My focus is on YOU!! Supporting you in living your best life. Helping you discover your authentic self and begin to express and nurture your authentic self.


Provide customized wellness plans, I treat the whole person, not just the “problem” I will be there with you every step of the way as you take the journey to uncover and heal from difficult emotions and memories. I will be there as you begin to feel and learn ways to nurture your new authentic self.

Proven Process

Gathering information, building rapport. Really getting to understand you and listen to you. Reevaluating goals and needs and adjusting them as necessary.


If I cannot assist you with your issues or we just don’t “click” I will refer you to someone who can.

Message from the Heart

I see counseling as a way to improve a person’s mental health and self-growth. I don’t just treat the problem but address the whole person, and teach them how to manage and maintain their mental health. Ultimately this can lead to less stress, and more peace and happiness in life.

1 line about Betsy

Betsy has been my cheerleader, believing in me, when I doubted myself. She is no nonsense and when I needed, she was that stern teacher who kept me accountable and moving forward when I would have let my doubts hold me back. I have grown as a professional and as an individual because of my work with Betsy.

Betsy from the Heart

Colleen is deeply concerned for her clients, and has a passion to see them through to their best selves. The fact that she does not give up on her own goals and dreams is a testament to her working with others to reach for theirs. When things get tough and you need to talk it out with a trusted confidant, Colleen is an excellent choice for counseling.


Rob Roy
Owner, Abbeville Electric
Abbeville, LA

Rob's Core Values

Outstanding customer service, fairness and honesty

Rob's Core Focus

Create the feel of a hometown family with perks of a major corporation.

Rob's Uniques

Abbeville Electric Supply is a friendly, comfortable, atmosphere where we educate our customers on all aspects of the electrical business.

Rob's Proven Process

(1) Acknowledge; (2) Ask; (3) Listen; (4) Suggest or Take Order; (5) Ask more questions; (6) Complete Sale

Rob's Guarantee

Value and honesty or we will make it right.

Rob from the Heart

At Abbeville Electric, we are customer service driven and want you to feel like part of our family.

Rob on Betsy

Betsy was amazing to work with.  She brings so much to the table and really made me realize a lot about my business that I was not seeing.  I thought I had a well-run business, and now with Betsy’s help, it is a well-oiled machine.  Her attention to detail made a tremendous difference for my company.

Betsy from the Heart

Rob is a one of kind genuine leader. When asked what do you love most about your work, every single team member said “I feel like this is a family.” Rob is passionate to serve and do the best next thing. You can count on him and his team for all your electrical needs, commercial and residential. You will definitely feel like part of their family.


Luke Torsclair praises Betsy's consulting skills

Luke Trosclair
President & Managing Principal, Trosclair Wealth Management, LLC
Prairieville, LA

Core Values

  1. Clients come first-always

  2. Competence/Education- We never stop learning

  3. Integrity

  4. Transparency

  5. Reliability

Core Focus

Creating impactful relationships throughout the community, and helping clients secure their financial goals through financial planning and investment management.  


(1) Goal focused, (2) Relationship centered, (3) Financial experts

Proven Process

Establish, Collect, Analyze, Develop, Implement, Review


We promise great customer service and absolute transparency through our customized financial planning process.

1 line about Betsy

Betsy has been instrumental and helping me reach my business goals. She holds me accountable to reach those goals while giving me advice along the way.  

Betsy from the Heart

Luke is the epitome of excellence in his field.  He and his team serve professionally and efficiently.  Luke is a man of integrity, trust and is great at helping individual and business clients reach the financial goals they set out to achieve.  You can count on Trosclair Wealth Management, LLC to make sure you feel and are secure with your future.

Andrew Tregre loves Betsy selflessness

Andrew Tregre
Founder and Advisor, Northwestern Mutual
Broussard, LA

Andrew's Core Values

1. Love first

2. Tenacity

3. Professionalism

4. Integrity

5. Growth

6. Accountability

Andrew's Core Focus

People need people to help on their financial journey.

Andrew's Uniques

1. Simplification of finances

2. Relief of financial anxiety

3. Opportunity to explore an emotional relationship with money- therapeutic

Andrew's Proven Process

Factfinder/Initial Meeting -> Financial Planning Review -> Implementation Meeting -> Annual Review

Andrew's Guarantee

Will the good of the other

Andrew from the Heart

For a long time, I thought financial planning was about using logic and reason to produce a good outcome for our clients. While the science of what we do is absolutely critical, I’ve found the emotional part of our business to be the key to better financial health for our clients. We go to work every day to understand stories, walk with our clients, and be a point of good for those in our community.

Andrew on Betsy

I’ve been fortunate to have met Betsy a few years ago. This woman is relentless in her own mission. What I love about that mission is how selfless and intentional her mission is. It’s inspiring, and it’s indicative of a person I’m proud to have working with our team.

Betsy from the Heart

Andrew is a one-of-a-kind advisor!  He cares tremendously for each of his clients and his team at Northwestern Mutual.  Andrew has a passion for what he does and is committed to doing the next right thing for each of his clients.  I trust him and know he will be there for anyone who reaches out to him. 

Tori Breen is a long-standing client of Betsy's

Tori Breen
Owner, Southern Bookkeeping Solutions
Covington, LA

Core Values


Open & Honest

Excellent Customer Service


Work/Life Balance

Core Focus

Building a reliable company to help people build their dreams meet their goals.


Customer Service, We take an owner's perspective, We are in business to help yours 

Proven Process

Get a full understanding of the day to day operations and business, so I can better assist with accounting needs & putting processes into place if needed.


We take care of all your bookkeeping needs or we will find someone who will better suit you.

Message from the Heart

The most rewarding thing about my business is watching my client's businesses grow. I love taking the back end work off a business owner so they can focus on their day-to-day operations. 

1 line about Betsy

Betsy has been such an amazing person to work with over the last 9 years! She is so supportive and genuinely wants to help and see people grow. She has helped my business so much within the last couple years. 

Betsy from the Heart

Tori and her assistant Deanna are exceptional bookkeepers! Tori is caring, dedicated and always recommends what is best for her clients. She has supported me personally and professionally with all my bookkeeping needs for years. She also offers payroll. She is a smart choice for anyone in need.

Taylor Davis' headshot

Taylor Davis
Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual
Lafayette, LA

Taylor’s Core Values

Honesty and Integrity

Process Driven

Collaboration Joint Work    

Do what is in the best interest of the client


Taylor’s Core Focus

Advise clients to financial security.

Taylor’s Uniques

Compassion, Experience, The Discovery process never ends

Taylor’s Proven Process

Fact Finding, Financial Plan – Create the Plan, Present the Plan, Execute the Plan and Monitor the Plan

Taylor’s Guarantee

Financial Security

Taylor from the Heart

My passion is working with families and family owned businesses to ensure that their financial, personal, and business goals are clearly communicated. The plans that we create and execute will stand the test of time. If a plan is good today, it should be good in 10, 20, 50 years.

Taylor on Betsy

Betsy’s passion is her clients. Betsy knows what questions to ask and how to keep her clients focused on what they want to accomplish. The most important thing to me is that she understands that we must both be in touch with our spiritual side. Betsy does an amazing job of combining business with the understanding that we must ask ourselves is this God’s will. It’s the most important question!

Betsy from the Heart

I have learned so much about Taylor while working with him. He is honest, compassionate, and cares deeply for his clients’ futures. He knows his business well; he takes time to know and understand each unique situation and client. Taylor is a great leader to his team. He continues to grow himself spiritually and, in his field, so he can be the best version of himself. If you do not have a financial advisor or have been dissatisfied with yours, Taylor is all you need.



Steven Brooksher
Insurance Agent, State Farm Insurance
Baton Rouge, LA

Steven’s Core Values

1.Servant’s Heart                             

2.Ever Present






Steven’s Core Focus

We do what it takes to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Steven’s Uniques

1-Creating Lifelong Relationships

2-Having Customers Best Interest at Heart

3-1 Stop Shop for Managing Risks and Realizing Dreams

Steven’s Proven Process

 Listen (Ask Questions)-Gather-Advise-Implement-Protect 

Steven’s Guarantee

Our Best

Steven from the Heart

I am passionate about helping people and making a difference in our community. Being a small business owner gives me and my team a chance to invest in and develop future leaders in our community and to help build a better Baton Rouge one relationship at a time. We do what it takes to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. 

Steven on Betsy

Betsy helped take that difficult step of just running off my energy to now being organized, structured, and having a vision.  She also adds accountability to our team and has been proactive in helping us be the best we can be.

Betsy from the Heart

Steven has a passion to do the right thing in every situation concerning his customers and employees.  He is committed to doing his best at making the business Core Values the center of every decision.  He and his staff are trustworthy and the best of the best in the industry!


Staci Boudreaux

Insurance Agent, Allstate
Lafayette, LA
Carencro, LA
Moss Bluff, LA

Core Values

  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated

  2. Efficiency

  3. Referrable

  4. “Can do” attitude

  5. Team focused

  6. Growth oriented


Message From the Heart About Your Business

My team and I put our clients at the center of everything we do. We offer insurance and retirement solutions for our clients after we get to know their unique needs and goals. We show transparency and compassion as we help them learn to prepare for the unexpected and plan for the future. I’ve been a small business owner for 17 years and have a caring, knowledgeable, and friendly staff that work hard in the office and even harder giving back to our community.


Staci on Betsy

The last couple of years have presented challenges, between Covid and some major hurricanes, I had been very busy in the agency. I wanted to spend some time going back to the basics, and Betsy’s attention to detail was exactly what I needed. Betsy helped me to have clarity about my vision and core values, especially when adding new agents to our team, to ensure we were moving in the right direction. Betsy and I focused on some small changes that have made a big impact on my business. My biggest asset is my staff and the teambuilding work we did with Betsy helped us to understand ourselves and each other better, and I can’t think of anything more important than that for long-term success in a business.


Betsy from the Heart

Staci Boudreaux Allstate Agencies are an excellent source for insurance of all kinds. Her team is accommodating, polite, and always looking for the best way to serve. Staci cares deeply for her employees and customers going beyond the call of duty to serve those in need, even when they are not her customers. You would be smart to contact one of her locations to get a quote from a customer service agent. 


Monica Meyers 
Insurance Agent, State Farm Insurance
Youngsville, LA

Monica's Core Values

  1. Integrity is a Priority

  2. Live by the Golden Rule

  3. Strong Desire to Win    

  4. Stronger Together – Team!!

  5. Leadership

  6. Create Raving Fans!

Monica's Core Focus

Assist our customers with helping them manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams.

Monica's Uniques

I am very passionate about taking care of our customers.  My team knows that we must treat our customers the way we would want to be treated in every situation. I expect my team to go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs. 

Monica's Proven Process

Our team is trained to talk with and more importantly, LISTEN to our customers and know what is going on in their lives so we can assist when their needs change.

Monica's Guarantee

We guarantee that we will treat you like family, listen to your concerns, and do all we can to meet your needs and help you reach your goals.

Monica from the Heart

My passion is to assist families, working mothers and female business owners.  As a working mother and small business owner as well, I get it!  I am also so very grateful for this opportunity to work in Youngsville!  I absolutely love this city!

Monica on Betsy

Betsy is passionate about helping her clients succeed and she is not afraid to ask the questions that get you out of your comfort zone.  That is how we grow, correct?  By stepping out of our comfort zone!   All while maintaining a focus on our spirituality and our higher purpose. 

Betsy from the Heart

Monica is a very honest & transparent leader in State Farm & her community. She is committed to excellence & to making sure she takes the right next steps for her customers. She is trustworthy & her customers can count on her and her team for impeccable service. For a reliable agent who cares, contact Monica, she will give you a quote right away.


Jason Denais

Insurance Agent, State Farm Insurance
Youngsville, LA

Jason’s Core Values

  1. Professional 

  2. Courteous

  3. Appreciative     

  4. Referable 

  5. Honesty and Integrity

  6. Efficient 

Jason’s Core Focus

We protect what matters most!

Jason’s Uniques

Every customer is unique and we realize the need to understand.

Jason’s Proven Process

We ask the tough questions and have the tough conversations so that if the unexpected happens our customers are prepared and able to make a speedy recovery.

Jason’s Guarantee

Fast, efficient and honest customer service with a smile

Jason from the Heart

We are passionate about our business and protecting what matters most. What matters most is different for everyone and our commitment to our customers is in the discovery of what that important person, place or thing is to them and helping them to make sure it is protected from the unforeseen.

Jason on Betsy

Betsy is a champion, her commitment to excellence and helping others is second to none.

Betsy from the Heart

​Jason is a man of excellence.  He wants the best for his customers and his team.  He is willing to go the extra mile for his customers, his team, his business and his family.  His team works hard to better themselves so they can be all their core values state they are to be.  Jason’s demeanor is inviting and draws you in to want to do business with him.  You will never go wrong doing business with Jason Denais State Farm Agency!


Pat Strong 
Insurance Agent, State Farm Insurance
Jeanerette, LA

Core Values

  1. Quality service

  2. Customer Focus

  3. Results Driven

  4. Elevate Others

  5. Happy

Core Focus

Being there in a time of need.


 (1) Knowledge of the product (2) Our service (3) We will help you understand your coverage

Proven Process

Our follow up process


We will get an answer.

Message from the Heart

My passion is to be there for my customers and my team. I want to try to help them with any question they may have. I am truly blessed to work with great people!

1 line about Betsy

Betsy showed up at the perfect time for me and for my office. She helped us find the positive energy we had been looking for in the office. Betsy did an amazing job teaching us about ourselves and the others we work with. 

Betsy from the Heart

“Pat is an amazing boss” as said from every one of his team members. I ditto that. He always has a caring spirit and does the next best & right thing whether dealing with his team or customers. You can count on Pat Strong State Farm to give you excellent service you want and deserve.


Tiffany Cardinale 
Insurance Agent, State Farm Insurance
Abbeville, LA

Core Values

  1. Integrity

  2. Passionate

  3. Remarkable

  4. Can Do Attitude

  5. Adaptable

  6. Teamwork 

Core Focus

To help people plan and recover from the unexpected


(1) Local people/office, (2) 24/7 support via phone and internet/mobile app,      (3) Over 100 products to assist with all insurance and financial services needed

Proven Process

Locate the customer→ Uncover needs/Determine what is important → Build rapport → Present solutions → Complete needs → Continue relationship


To be there when life goes wrong

Message from the Heart

As a State Farm Agent, I look at all customers as more than just a number; you are a name and someone special at our office. We strive to pride exceptional customer service while helping customers plan and recover from the unexpected.  Being there for the customers of Vermilion parish means more than just being there in the office; I think it is essential to also be actively involved in bettering our community for future generations.   

Tiffany about Betsy

Betsy is a pleasure to work with; she truly cares about her client’s succeeding and is an excellent life coach.

Betsy from the Heart

Tiffany is a great business woman.  She is determined to do best practices and have her business and team running at its best.  Her customers are all well taken care of and her office exemplifies State Farm as it should be…. “they are there for you” to give you the best value for your needs.  You can count on Tiffany!


Ross Bernard 
Insurance Agent, State Farm
St. Martinville, LA

Core Values

Integrity, Team work, Respect, Accountability, Reliable, Relationships

Core Focus

Help people recover from devastations by offering professional services to realizing their dreams


Knowledge of the product, Our service, We will help you understand your coverage

Proven Process

IFR’s & follow ups


Serve you to the best of our ability and/or recommend you keep what you have.

Message from the Heart

My team, customers and community mean the world to me. It’s a pleasure to be apart of such a great organization surrounded by great people.   

Betsy from the Heart

Ross is one of the most relationship building leaders I have ever met.  He spends the extra time with his clients to get to know them, and make sure all their needs are met.  His team is very service oriented and fun to be around.  Know that Ross and his staff will treat you right and meet all your needs. 


Trey Hargrove 
Insurance Agent, State Farm Insurance
Lafayette, LA

Core Values

Integrity, Consistency, Hard Working, Trusted Reputation, Goal / Growth Oriented, Confident

Core Focus

We help people prepare for and protect against the unexpected as well as realize their dreams


We treat you like family, We don’t hide behind a 1-800#, We help you understand your coverage

Proven Process

Quality Activity, Documentation, Follow up


Of course, we want your business, but more importantly we want the responsibility of protecting you and your family and helping you realize your dreams. We guarantee you will feel this with every interaction you have with our office.

Message from the Heart

When I got out of the Navy, it was very important to me to be in a position where I could help people either directly or indirectly. State Farm has given me that opportunity. Being the leader of my office, I love working with my team to help them grow and reach their goals. I also love my customers. Helping them plan for the future and recover from the unexpected has been an absolute pleasure.

1 line about Betsy

Betsy is so great! From day one, her energy and attitude were so infectious. My staff and I have truly enjoyed our time with her. She definitely facilitated us becoming a better team and helped me become a better leader.

Betsy from the Heart

Trey is a man of true compassion for his customers and team.  He strives to do the right thing for all involved and is a smart businessman.  With his military background (and thanks for serving our country!) he keeps everything in perspective.  His team gives great customer service and has much respect for him.  With Trey Hargrove, State Farm is there for sure!!!


Garet Berry
Insurance Agent, Goosehead Insurance
Baton Rouge, LA

Core Values

Available, Ambitious, Persistent, Efficient, Transparent

Core Focus

Be the #1 Choice of Mortgage Lenders & Realtors for home referrals.


Available, Options, Efficient

Proven Process

100% Dedication to getting our Mortgage Lenders & Realtors to the closing table.


Our guarantee is to always be available & efficient while having quality options that protect the future client.

Message from the Heart

Our Agency believes that we were placed on this earth to love and serve one another. I can’t think of a better way to do that than what a Goosehead Insurance Broker does. We look forward to visiting with each prospective client and helping them find the best options for their Home, Auto and Life Insurance needs.

1 line about Betsy

It’s been a great experience thus far. She renews my spirits and brings fresh new energy into my otherwise monotone life. The world and our office are certainly a better place having her in it.

Betsy from the Heart

​Garet is a very professional and compassionate insurance agent.  He goes beyond the call of duty for his customers and has an impeccable commitment to his business, people and goals.  You will do yourself an injustice if you do not give Garet a chance when shopping for your insurance needs.


Carlee-Alm-Labar-Headshot .jpg

Heather Blanchard & Carlee Alm-Labar

United Way of Acadiana
Lafayette, LA

Core Values

  1. Community-Focused

  2. Serve People First

  3. Problem Solving

  4. Measure to Improve

  5. Team Focused

  6. Inclusive and Diverse 

  7. Sense of Urgency 

Core Focus

To unite people and organizations with passion, expertise, and resources to create more opportunities for a better life.


Integrated problem solving, helpful for “upstream” solutions,  Can fund solutions and can execute solutions,  Coordinating arm in NP sector

Message from the Heart

As an agency tasked with solving community problems and helping coordinate resources for people in need, we feel the responsibility of our work every day. To work with someone who understands what is important to our agency and helps us live our values is so helpful and rewarding.

1 line about Betsy

Betsy does an amazing job at focusing us on the most critical tasks at United Way of Acadiana. She asks great questions and is very focused towards solutions.

Betsy from the Heart

Carlee and Heather are the epitome of servant leadership.  United Way is gaining so much from their professionalism and focus on the future of our community.  I am so humbled to support the United Way cause.  There is so much need monetarily and physically I will ask you to go to the website and please consider being a donor and volunteer.  This is OUR community, and the needs are OURS to help fill.  United Way appreciates anything you have to offer.  They will use it for the good of all.  Let’s UNITE IN OUR FIGHT for a better future for our whole community through United Way of Acadiana!


Anita Begnaud

CEO, Downtown Lafayette Unlimited and Downtown Development Authority

Lafayette, LA

Anita's Core Values

1. Passion & and pride for Lafayette, Downtown, and Acadiana

2. Tenacious and driven

3. Solutions oriented

4. Community builders

5. Creative trailblazers                                              

6. Connectors and Collaborators

Anita's Core Focus

To lead the social and economic progress of our community.​

Anita's Uniques

Walkable, Local, Experiential, and Welcoming

Anita's Guarantee

We bring people downtown.​

Anita from the Heart

The momentum that Downtown Lafayette is experiencing is powered by the many people across Acadiana who support the heart of our city and region. From property owners who are investing in buildings and frontages; residents who choose to call downtown home; customers who eat at our restaurants and shop in our shops, to government, business, and community partners who advocate to make downtown a vibrant place, DDA and DLU are so inspired by your love for downtown. Our team wakes up every morning thinking about making Lafayette a better place for all of you!

Betsy from the Heart

Anita is a leader in every sense of the word. She is faithful to the core values of her organization with unmatched passion and persistence. It is an honor to work with her and her incredible team.


Anita Begnaud

CEO, Downtown Lafayette Unlimited and Downtown Development Authority

Lafayette, LA

Core Values

  1. Life-Long Learning

  2. Safe Havynn

  3. Kindness

  4. Responsibility



1. Relationship & Sexual Health Life Skills

2. All is welcome

Core Focus

To teach life skills


Message from the Heart About Your Business

As someone who loves to learn, I realized that there’s a huge gap between your typical school education and learning necessary life skills that help people thrive. Every time I learned something that would benefit me financially, mentally, physically, sexually, or spiritually, I kept asking myself why I didn’t know about this sooner. So Safe Havynn was founded to be a safe place for people to pro-actively learn skills that they won’t learn anywhere else. I truly love when you see students light up while learning because they know they’re learning something real and relevant to their lives. I’m so proud to be a part of this organization and wonderful team of passionate women. 

Arial on Betsy

Where do I begin. Starting my own non-profit and growing so fast beyond my wildest imagination, I knew I needed expert advice on how to manage the business as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our organization has been running on prayers and passion, but I knew that would only take us so far. I needed someone who would walk with me through structuring the business top to bottom. Betsy has exceeded all my expectations. The organization is shaping up and I’m communicating more effectively with our team members. God has surely placed her in my life, and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and business coach. 

Betsy from the Heart

There are not many human beings more passionate about their purpose than Arial Moore is. Her desire to have a safe place for people to proactively learn and share about sexuality and other topics of importance to the whole person is unmatched. She truly cares about her team and all the students in such a way that everyone feels it through and through. You cannot go wrong with donating to this one-of-a-kind foundation to support the well-being of the human race. 

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