Holly Cure.jpg

Holly Cure
Antoni's Italian Cafe, Owner
Lafayette, LA

"Despite the demands of her own demanding enterprise, she was able to focus on me in many ways as a mentor, guiding me over obstacles and teaching me to see them as opportunities rather than problems... Betsy is the very definition of a go-getter...Through her deep faith in God, her belief in her own abilities and her fierce commitment to success, she literally 'goes' and 'gets' every goal she puts her mind to, with a laser-sharp focus on whatever that endeavor may be."


Amie Gamboian
Who You Are Coaching, Leadership Coach & Consultant
Omaha, NE

"Betsy... never compromises her values and beliefs for short term success. She has built a business and a life that are historically strong and have great sustainable success. Both that business and her life have blessed multitudes of people.  She delivers a 'home run' with each assignment, much due to the level of prayer and preparation she invests into each assignment. She will deliver beyond your expectations, and will wholeheartedly partner with you for significant progress and growth in your organization."

michelle Judice.jpg

Michelle Judice
Styled by Michelle Judice, Owner
Lafayette, LA

"Betsy ... knows how to capture an audience. Her wisdom radiates and her presentation quickly becomes a conversation with a group... She has helped me navigate challenges in my business and is someone I can always turn to for an honest opinion... Betsy is one of the hardest workers I know, yet knows how to keep priorities straight... You need someone who is truthful, dedicated, and understands all sides of a successful business. You need someone with unmatched experience that will empower you and work through the tough issues. You need Betsy Richard."

megan montgomery.PNG

Megan Montgomery 

Owner, Megan Montgomery Design

Lafayette, LA

"Betsy was a mentor and coach for me as I built a small business. To this day she is still there if I need her. She is excellent at building a business from the ground up, training on team building and selling to support that business, and encouraging entrepreneurs to believe they can do what they set their mind to. Betsy is solid, sound and energetic, and she has a passion to see a dream through to the finish."

Tony Quinn.JPEG

Tony Quinn

Owner/Physical Therapist,

Quinn Physical Therapy

Lafayette, LA

"Betsy Richard has proved to be an invaluable resource for our team. She has a unique gift in that she is able to visualize the big picture of your business, help you, as an owner, identify its strengths, and weaknesses, explore its potential and identify your current "holes in the bucket" issues. Betsy is a genuine and dedicated professional, and truly exceptional organizer, who has helped to organize our team into a cohesive and motivated power force."

rob roy.jpg

Rob Roy

Owner, Abbeville Electric

Abbeville, LA

"Because of the work Betsy and I have done together, my business is in a much better place structurally and is secure for the growth I anticipate.  Betsy’s unhindered honesty and ways to help us be accountable are immeasurable.  We have established our core values, focus, 1, 3, and 10-year targets and so much more. A processes and procedures manual is now in place that will serve our business for a long time.  Communication, taking care of issues, respect for all and team spirit are up.  If you want to get all the pieces together and make sure they are operating optimally, I recommend getting Betsy on board.  You cannot put a price tag on the feeling of peace that comes when there is more flow in operations."

colleen thomas.jpeg

Colleen Thomas

Licensed Counselor 

Lafayette, LA

"Working with Betsy this last year has been one of the best decisions I have made. Betsy helped me remain focused on ideas that I have had for years. She was structured and kept me accountable to sticking to tasks and goals I had set for myself. Betsy is compassionate when I am struggling and patient in helping me overcome obstacles which I had to realize was fear. She was gentle and firm in helping me face the ways I was self- sabotaging myself and my goals. With her help, I have been strong enough to look at different choices I had, and make connections in the community that are helping me with my goals for my life and my business. I would definitely recommend Betsy as a Business Consultant if you are looking to start a business or grow and expand a business. She will give you even more than just advice, she will help you see yourself, your true self."

Debra Thomas.jpg

Debra Thomas
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Independent Sales Director
Baytown, TX

"She's an amazing coach who brought out the best in me, things I never knew were there. Her motivation, inspiration, and expertise have helped me in so many different ways to become the female entrepreneur I am today... I'm forever grateful!"

Cathi Pavy.PNG

Cathi Pavy

Chief Creative Strategist, Owner, Pavy Studio

Lafayette, LA

"Betsy's facilitation and engagement with the ABC fund for our 4-hour planning session was just what we needed to get back on track.  She was prepared, engaging, and compassionately guided us so that we had a plan and direction when leaving.  I would highly recommend Betsy for any facilitation of group meetings.  Also, the model she uses to guide non-profits and businesses absolutely works!"


tori breen.png

Tori Breen 

Owner, Southern Bookkeeping Solutions

Covington, LA

"In the last 7 years Betsy has taught me about business, life, and so much more. When working with her, she gives you her all. Having her as a mentor has helped me to grow in so many ways, including in faith. Seeing Betsy never sway from her faith has been truly remarkable."


Taylor Davis

Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual 

Lafayette, LA

"Bringing Betsy on board has been a blessing to me and my team. She has supported me in implementing a better structure to my business in team meetings. Betsy is helping me to formulate my core values, focus, strategy and implementation of what will come next to finish well. Her creative ideas with accountability are helping me to have better practices in my life and business. Betsy is definitely adding value to our team. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Betsy and her involvement in my practice."

karl hector.jpg

Karl Hector
Hector Financial Group, Owner
Lafayette, LA

“Betsy's input, ideas and creative strategies  that we have implemented have already proven beneficial to our bottom line. Her recommendations for staff, time management, delegation of duties, market penetration and customer service are spot-on to what we needed at this point in time."

Emily Hunt .jpeg

Emily Hunt 
Partner, New York Life Insurance
Lafayette, LA

"Working with Betsy has been an eye opening experience. Her creative ideas on working with my assistant, planning out my time better, and reaching my #s has been spot on. Betsy’s support on establishing my core values and vision have been stellar. She also has a way of helping me overcome the unique challenges I face. If you want to add value to your business and have your business flow more productively, I would highly recommend giving Betsy a call. She definitely has be thinking about my future and how I can add value to it."

Ann Noel.JPG

"Betsy has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and...increase my income potential. She has been a great coach and 'cheerleader' to lead me to my future financial success. She certainly packs a punch of energy and enthusiasm."

Ann Noel
Insurance Agent, Hector Financial Group
Lafayette, LA


"Betsy has been instrumental in helping me reach my business goals. She holds me accountable to reach those goals while giving me advice along the way."

Luke Trosclair
President & Managing Principal, Trosclair Wealth Management, LLC
Prairieville, LA



Ross Bernard

Insurance Agent, State Farm

St. Martinville, LA

"I highly recommend hiring Betsy to work with you and your team. Her support has been a game changer. We now have our core values and focus in place. She helped internal communication that lends to more transparency. We are working better together and are more open. She set in place level 10 meetings and accountability. All in all, she has added value where we needed it. I appreciate what she has done at our agency."

Garet berry.jpg

Garet Berry  

Agent, Goosehead Insurance

Lafayette, LA

"It's been a great experience thus far. She renews my spirits and brings fresh new energy into my otherwise monotone life. The world and our office certainly a better place having her in it."


"Betsy is a pleasure to work with; she truly cares about her client’s succeeding and is an excellent life coach."

Tiffany Cardinale 

Insurance Agent, State Farm

Abbeville, LA

trey hargrove.jpg
trey hargrove.jpg

"Betsy is so great! From day one, her energy and attitude were so infectious. My staff and I have truly enjoyed our time with her. She definitely facilitated us becoming a better team and helped me become a better leader."

Trey Hargrove

Insurance Agent, State Farm

Lafayette, LA

Terri landry.jpg

Terri Landry 

Insurance Agent, State Farm

Abbeville, LA

"Betsy has been a blessing to my staff, and instrumental in my business. Her work has supported me in determining where my team is and where we are going. Betsy’s work with my team has enabled them to grow personally and work more as a team. I’m encouraged as she works with my sales and leadership team to develop more sound productivity and internal cohesion."

monica meyers.jpg

"Betsy has made a huge impact on my team and keeping us focused on our goals and our core values as an organization. She is a real pleasure to have in my ear as a coach!"

Monica Meyers

Insurance Agent, State Farm

Youngsville, LA

pat strong.jpg

"Betsy showed up at the perfect time for me and for my office. She helped us find the positive energy we had been looking for in the office. Betsy did an amazing job teaching us about ourselves and the others we work with."

Pat Strong 

Insurance Agent, State Farm

Jeanerette, LA


Terry Wofford

Insurance Agent, State Farm

Lafayette, LA

"Hiring Betsy to work with my team was a great decision. She has opened our eyes to new ways of connecting internally so that we can be more productive in working with our clients and with each other. The sales team is learning to work through some challenges and has been encouraged. I look forward to the work she will do with the service team and putting the teams together to become more productive and happier. I’m glad I have chosen to utilize Betsy’s skills."

Staci Boudreaux.jpg

Staci Boudreaux

Allstate Insurance Agent, 

Lafayette, LA

Carencro, LA

Moss Bluff, LA

"The last couple of years have presented challenges, between Covid and some major hurricanes, I had been very busy in the agency. I wanted to spend some time going back to the basics, and Betsy’s attention to detail was exactly what I needed. Betsy helped me to have clarity about my vision and core values, especially when adding new agents to our team, to ensure we were moving in the right direction. Betsy and I focused on some small changes that have made a big impact on my business. My biggest asset is my staff and the teambuilding work we did with Betsy helped us to understand ourselves and each other better, and I can’t think of anything more important than that for long-term success in a business."

Jenny Barrar.jpg

Jenny Barrar
Realtor, Van Eaton & Romero
Lafayette, LA

"I am grateful I chose Betsy to support me at the beginning of my real estate career. She has made a difference for the better in little things and well as big picture vision. Betsy led me to updating marketing and customer relations, making wise choices with spending, and taught me to use better dialog and tracking. Betsy helped me realize my core values and focus as well as added value to my own professionalism and confidence. Basically I am better because of my decision to work with her. Thanks so much for everything!"


becky Gogola.jpg

Becky Gogola
Realtor, Van Eaton & Romero
Lafayette, LA

"Hiring Betsy was the best and most important decision I've made at this time in my business and in my life. She is passionate about implementing and executing what needs to be done to get my business and life organized and flowing. Betsy has supported me in claiming my core values and focus. She continues to help me breakdown what it will take to reach my 10 year target and take action on it. Betsy is excellent at compassionately encouraging me and holding me accountable. The higher standard she holds me to is reflected in the solid foundation of my life and business thus far. I am grateful she has invested in me and I have invested in her."

Penny McGeehee Picture.jpg

Penny McGeehee
Van Eaton & Romero
Lafayette, LA

"Betsy Richard is turning my life around in a direction that I have longed for! She has guided me to resources that allow me to organize my business so that I can work smarter, wiser and confidently. Her follow up on every level is keeping me on task and 2018 will be my best ever, monetarily and otherwise!! I have already streamlined expenses and freed up time to take care of myself. Don't wait! She will help shape your life in ways you didn't think you even needed!"


trey hargrove.jpg

Trey Hargrove

Insurance Agent, State Farm

Lafayette, LA

"Betsy Richard has been so inspiring to work with.  She facilitated our quarterly event and directed us where we needed to go for the next quarter.  She helped us take care of issues and gave us a track to run on.  Betsy's facilitation of the DiSC Personality Assessments and wisdom in this area is invaluable.  I continue to call on her for coaching and consulting needs.  She truly cares about her clients."