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It's Time to Move Forward

It’s time to move forward. How can you begin? Start with the 5 R’s.

REFLECT: Look back and be grateful for the past blessings. What would you have changed? Open your heart and mind to what God wants to reveal to you about going forward. Listen and journal.

REGROUP: Gather data - to find where you are and what desires you have for where you want to be.

REFOCUS: Get a laser sharp image of your priorities and map out what success will look like for you.

REFUEL AND RENEW: Give yourself time to breath, experience the presence, enjoy what you have and ask for what you want

RELAX: Know that God has a beautiful future for you. Know your plans are not always God’s and be flexible to shift gears when God prompts you.

Wishing you all the best in 2021 and beyond.

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