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#17 Uncertain Times Suggestions for Leaders

Comparing, Criticizing and Complaining get you nowhere.

When we Compare ourselves, our businesses, or anything else to someone/something else, we usually compare our weaknesses to others’ strengths. It gets you nowhere and helps neither party.

It is unjust to Criticize others unless you have been in their shoes. You will NEVER be in anyone else’s shoes. People do or do not do things for reasons we may never understand. Accept the things you cannot change.

Every Complaint is a complaint against God. God has allowed/given us everything. There is always a silver lining and lessons to learn. Look at each situation and think through what you can take away from it rather than becoming frustrated or anxious.

We can learn so much when we are open and present and the 3 Cs are not a part of our lives. Joy comes easier.

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