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The Galvanizing Genius 

Team members watching a seminar and working together

What does the Galvanizing Working Genius mean?

Our Working Geniuses are the activities that give us joy, energy, and passion. Everyone has two areas that are considered our true geniuses or gifts. 

The Genius of Galvanizing is about creating enthusiasm and action around an idea and rallying people to take action on projects and tasks. People with this gift tend to get joy and energy from taking action to get things moving and building energy and involvement around programs or ideas. 

Listen to Episode 64 of the Working Genius Podcast, where they discuss Galvanizing Genius in depth.

What does my Working Genius pairing mean?


People with Discernment and Galvanizing Geniuses are decision-makers who use their instincts and tend to be confident. They can assess situations quickly and accurately and rally people to act.


Galvanizing paired with the Wonder Genius is a combination of eagerness and caution. They tend to be enthusiastic and curious about ideas and people. 


Invention combined with galvanizing creates curiosity and confidence with enthusiasm, creating an excitable and convincing generator and promoter of new ideas.


People with Galvanizing and Enablement geniuses tend to be positive supporters who are quick to inspire and reassure others. 


The pair of Galvanizing and Tenacity Geniuses create good taskmasters. They tend to want to push and remind others and themselves to ensure that things get done. 

How can I learn more about me and my team's Geniuses?

I am a trained facilitator of the 6 Types of Working Genius program. Contact me for more information on how to take the personalized assessment and learn about your strengths, frustrations, and competencies. 

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