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Scale your team.
Achieve your vision.
Drive growth.

If you’re a business owner or manager with 1 to 250 employees or a team who’s ready to grow your business, align your teams, and challenge your status quo, you’re in the right place. 

Headshot of Betsy Richard

I've helped hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Ambitious leaders looking to:

✔︎ set clearer goals

✔︎ take action

✔︎ make better decisions

✔︎ think critically

✔︎ see things from a different perspective

Passionate corporate executives, founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs,
and executive directors who:

weren’t growing as fast as they’d like to

were stuck doing tasks they shouldn’t have to do 

while still missing their goals

and working way too many hours

Let’s face it, we don’t need to be doing more… we need to do more of what matters.




Tailored consulting for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and nonprofits looking to develop great leaders and followers because they believe their people are their greatest asset.



1:1 coaching for small business owners looking for accountability and strategic guidance to reach their goals in business and in life.



Business meetings, workshops, retreats, and presentations designed for connection and follow-through. 


Get Your Team Working Toward the Same Goal

Energy. Fresh Ideas. Inspiration.

Pitcher Allendorph is a client of Betsy's.
Pitcher Allendorph
President, Allendorph Specialties INC.
Houston, TX

Allendorph Specialities reported a 48% increase in sales and a 54% profit increase in the 1st year of working with me.

Thirty years of ups and downs in the oilfield can take a toll on business owners. Betsy came into our company and brought in a great deal of energy, fresh ideas and inspiration. 

She encouraged us to view our company through new lenses which helped us to develop strategies that improved current and future business performance and productivity.  

Betsy guided us in uniting our employees resulting in a dedicated team working toward the same goals.  

Betsy breathed new life into our company and we couldn’t be more grateful.


Meet Betsy

Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, I’m Betsy Comeaux Richard. 

I’ve led a sales team of nearly 300 to the #3 position nationally and #7 globally during my time in a multinational company. Written an Amazon best-selling book. Coached and consulted thousands of great leaders. Facilitated team meetings for dozens of nonprofits. 

Business is about relationships. If you’re looking for a savvy outside eye who delivers tangible results and always packs a punch, we’ll go together well. 

Betsy Richard in Downtown Lafayette

Improve Your Business Strategy. Improve Your Life.

Core Values. Accountability. Implementation.

Taylor Davis of Northwestern Mutual in Lafayette, LA.

Taylor Davis

Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual
Lafayette, LA

Bringing Betsy on board has been a blessing to me and my team. She has supported me in implementing a better structure to my business in team meetings. 


Betsy is helping me to formulate my core values, focus, strategy and implementation of what will come next to finish well. 

Her creative ideas with accountability are helping me to have better practices in my life and business. Betsy is definitely adding value to our team.

Pivotal to Our Success

Get Unstuck. Create Team Synergy. Reach the Next Level.

Brennon Kelly of Rise Chiropractic in Broussard

Brennon Kelly
Owner, RISE Chiropractic
Broussard, LA

Betsy has been pivotal for our success in practice. We have just recently hit the 5-year mark, and without the principles and direction Betsy has guided us towards, we do not believe we would be where we are today.


Our team meetings are effective and help us hold each other accountable, pushing the needle forward every week. 

Our job roles are now well-defined, and our team synergy is greatly improved.

If you feel stuck in your business, not growing, find it difficult to communicate with your team members or direct reports, or struggle to develop systems to keep up with the growth of your business, Betsy is an amazing resource to help your business get to the next level.

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Be in touch today.

Call (337) 278-8932 or email for a complimentary 30 to 60-minute call/coffee to learn more about my tailored consulting services and corporate workshops.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Betsy Richard Consulting

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