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#11 Uncertain Times Suggestions for Leaders

Brian Chesky, billionaire CEO of Airbnb, quoted his dad in a recent video who would tell him when he was growing up “Brian, things are never as good as they seem and things are never as bad as they seem.” Airbnb, who I am a member of, is doing all they can in the way of customer satisfaction while things are at a standstill in the travel industry. They are asking lots of questions, seeking out super resources, working around the clock, and giving to the hosts. The 3 owners and their employees have put up $10 Million plus to give back. They are asking guests that travel, if they want, to donate to hosts they gave stayed with. That was a guest’s idea! They were set up to do these big things. I love observing those in business who are not shaken, but are giving more when times are tough. That is my passion… see businesses survive and thrive no matter what is going on in the world.


“Things are never as good as they seem, and things are never as bad as they seem” - Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky quoting his dad

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