Jason Denais

Insurance Agent at State Farm

Office: (318) 253-6868



Jason’s Core Values

  1. Professional 

  2. Courteous

  3. Appreciative     

  4. Referable 

  5. Honesty and Integrity

  6. Efficient 

Jason’s Core Focus

We protect what matters most!

Jason’s Uniques 

Every customer is unique and we realize the need to understand.

Jason’s Proven Process

We ask the tough questions and have the tough conversations so that if the unexpected happens our customers are prepared and able to make a speedy recovery.

Jason’s Guarantee

Fast, efficient and honest customer service with a smile

Jason from the Heart

We are passionate about our business and protecting what matters most. What matters most is different for everyone and our commitment to our customers is in the discovery of what that important person, place or thing is to them and helping them to make sure it is protected from the unforeseen.

Jason on Betsy

Betsy is a champion, her commitment to excellence and helping others is second to none.

Betsy from the Heart

Jason is a man of excellence.  He wants the best for his customers and his team.  He is willing to go the extra mile for his customers, his team, his business and his family.  His team works hard to better themselves so they can be all their core values state they are to be.  Jason’s demeanor is inviting and draws you in to want to do business with him.  You will never go wrong doing business with Jason Denais State Farm Agency!



Tony Quinn

Owner/Physical Therapist at Quinn Physical Therapy

Office: (337) 988-1130               



Tony’s Core Values

  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated 

  2. Outstanding patient outcomes 

  3. "Can do" attitude from all staff 

  4. Infectious motivation of others

  5. Trust and transparency

Tony’s Core Focus

Excellent evaluation and treatment of physical conditions

Tony’s Uniques 

Specialized training, Serving the Lafayette community for 25 years, 5-star ratings, Lymphedema specialist

Tony from the Heart

Every patient is a gift, and an opportunity to change a life, often in a profound way.

Tony on Betsy

Betsy Richard has proved to be an invaluable resource for our team. She has a unique gift in that she is able to visualize the big picture of your business, help you, as an owner, identify its strengths, and weaknesses, explore its potential and identify your current "holes in the bucket" issues. Betsy is a genuine and dedicated professional, and truly exceptional organizer, who has helped to organize our team into a cohesive and motivated power force.

Betsy from the Heart

It is a privilege to consult with Tony. He and his incredible team are the epitome of excellent patient care. Tony is a compassionate PT and cares deeply for the patients and their well-being. They ARE their Core Values, and every team member works to provide the best client experience ever. Their patients get well! You will benefit when using them when you need these services.

MARCH 2021


Tori Breen

Owner at Southern Bookkeeping Solutions 

Office: (985) 400-2711            



Core Values

  1. Flexible

  2. Open & Honest

  3. Excellent Customer Service

  4. Professional

  5. Work/Life Balance

Core Focus

Building a reliable company to help people build their dreams meet their goals.


Customer Service, We take an owner's perspective, We are in business to help yours 

Proven Process

Get a full understanding of the day to day operations and business, so I can better assist with accounting needs & putting processes into place if needed.


We take care of all your bookkeeping needs or we will find someone who will better suit you.

Message from the Heart

The most rewarding thing about my business is watching my client's businesses grow. I love taking the back end work off a business owner so they can focus on their day-to-day operations. 

1 line about Betsy

Betsy has been such an amazing person to work with over the last 9 years! She is so supportive and genuinely wants to help and see people grow. She has helped my business so much within the last couple years. 

Betsy from the Heart

Tori and her assistant Deanna are exceptional bookkeepers! Tori is caring, dedicated and always recommends what is best for her clients. She has supported me personally and professionally with all my bookkeeping needs for years. She also offers payroll. She is a smart choice for anyone in need.

APRIL 2021

Carlee Alm-Labar

President/CEO at United Way of Acadiana 

Office: (337) 233-8302           



Heather Blanchard

Chief Operations Officer at United Way of Acadiana 

Office: (337) 233-8302           



Core Values

  1. Community-Focused

  2. Serve People First

  3. Problem Solving

  4. Measure to Improve

  5. Team Focused

  6. Inclusive and Diverse 

  7. Sense of Urgency 

Core Focus

To unite people and organizations with passion, expertise, and resources to create more opportunities for a better life.


Integrated problem solving, helpful for “upstream” solutions,  Can fund solutions and can execute solutions,  Coordinating arm in NP sector

Message from the Heart

As an agency tasked with solving community problems and helping coordinate resources for people in need, we feel the responsibility of our work every day. To work with someone who understands what is important to our agency and helps us live our values is so helpful and rewarding.

1 line about Betsy

Betsy does an amazing job at focusing us on the most critical tasks at United Way of Acadiana. She asks great questions and is very focused towards solutions.

Betsy from the Heart

Carlee and Heather are the epitome of servant leadership.  United Way is gaining so much from their professionalism and focus on the future of our community.  I am so humbled to support the United Way cause.  There is so much need monetarily and physically I will ask you to go to the website and please consider being a donor and volunteer.  This is OUR community, and the needs are OURS to help fill.  United Way appreciates anything you have to offer.  They will use it for the good of all.  Let’s UNITE IN OUR FIGHT for a better future for our whole community through United Way of Acadiana!   


Christine Diggs

Owner at Christine Diggs Interior Design

Office: 504-235-1193

Core Values

1. Innovative Design

2. Genuine Client Relationships

3. Conscientious Process

4. Qualified Expertise

Core Focus

Create thoughtfully curated spaces


1. Design aesthetic

2. New construction experience

3. Drawings/technical work

Proven Process

1. Initial client consult

2. Proposal

3. Design concept

4. Implementation


Message from the Heart

Coming from a background in art, I was drawn to interior

design as a way to create livable environments that add to the client’s quality of life.

1 line about Betsy

I so appreciate Betsy’s ability to see through to the root of an issue and her direct approach of formulating a plan to reach the solution.

Betsy from the Heart

Christine is one of the most creative and intelligent human being I know. Her attention to detail, and her care and concern for her clients is epic. Christine’s design work is beautiful, and her spirit is too. Choosing her to design your work or home will give it a fresh new feel that you will want to live in forever.

MAY 2021