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Terry Gradney's headshot

Terry Gradney
Owner at Affordable Chem Dry Cleaning Services
Office: (377) 769-1447

Terry’s Core Values

  1. Christian Values 

  2. Integrity and Honesty

  3. Excellent Customer Service     

  4. Reliable 

  5. Pride in Work

  6. Caring and Understanding 

Terry’s Core Focus

Cleaner Home Focus

Terry’s Uniques

1. Caring


Terry’s Proven Process

Call-Question/Listen-Guesstimate-Make House Call-Estimate-Schedule Job-Collect Payment

Terry’s Guarantee

If a spot comes back within 1-2 months, I will come back right away to reclean it.

Terry from the Heart

I love what I do because it gives me the opportunity to meet and work for a wide range of people. Conversations are great and sometimes we even pray together.

Terry on Betsy

She is a woman of God, powerful, and loves what she does. Betsy is what I have been missing in my business. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Betsy from the Heart

Terry is one of the most customer service individuals I know.  His cleaning is impeccable and I am so glad I can count on him to clean my carpets and upholstery yearly.  Terry is a man of integrity and cares deeply for his clients and doing what is best for them.  You will be in good hands with Terry!

MARCH 2022

Pitcher Allendorph's headshot

Pitcher Allendorph
President at          Allendorph Specialties, INC.
Office: (713) 937-0100

todd allendorph.jfif

Todd Allendorph
Vice President at 
Allendorph Specialties, INC.

Office: (337) 232-0503

Allendorph's Core Values

  1. We strive to be a good and Christian company

  2. We push ourselves beyond our limits

  3. We treat everyone like family

  4. Passionate, excellent service sets us apart 

  5. By creating, sharing, and implementing, we are solution oriented

Allendorph’s Core Focus

Sell the best product to the customer at a competitive price with the best available service.

Allendorph’s Uniques

1. Experts in every product line we handle

2. 449 years of experience

3. In stock inventory ready to ship 24/7

Allendorph’s Proven Process

Talk and listen for needs -Quote -Payment options -confirm payment

plan -execute order -deliver and communicate delays -check up

Allendorph's Guarantee

Same day shipping when requested for in stock inventory or shipping will be free.  Same price 24/7

Pitcher from the Heart

Our employees are the heart of our story. Their hard work, dedication and customer service make up the legacy that is Allendorph. This amazing team, our loyal customers plus our quality vendors, have been the key to Allendorph’ s success for 35 years.

Todd from the Heart

We deeply care about our customers and helping them solve their problems. We will jump over hoops to help out a customer in need. We are blessed to have each customer and want to make each customer happy.

Pitcher on Betsy

Thirty years of ups and down in the oilfield can take a toll on business owners. Betsy came into our company and brought in a great deal of energy, fresh ideas and inspiration. She encouraged us to view our company through new lenses which helped us to develop strategies that improved current and future business performance and productivity.  Betsy guided us in uniting our employees resulting in a dedicated team working toward the same goals.  Betsy breathed new life into our company and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Todd on Betsy

Betsy truly cares about her clients and I appreciate it. She is a

godly person and it shows in both her words and actions.

Betsy from the Heart

Allendorph Specialties, Inc. is the epitome of excellence in customer service. They truly care about their customers and go beyond the call of duty to serve. Todd and Pitcher are incredible leaders and treat all their employees with passionate care. They believe in doing good and doing the right thing always. It is a blessing to work with Todd and Pitcher and their Operations Manager, Scott Olivier. It is a privilege to be a part of the transformation to a higher level of communication and productivity. You cannot go wrong working with this company.  


Kelli Cook's headshot

Kelli Cook
Owner at 
Hopeful Insights Consulting

Office: (904) 345-4220

Kelli's Core Values

1. Empathy & Compassion

2. Authenticity

3. Collaboration

4. Transparency & Trust

5. Installation of Hope

Kelli’s Core Focus

Providing trauma education, and tools to enhance emotional, physical, and relational wellness that improves the lives of individuals and organizations.

Kelli’s Uniques

1. Instilling compassion

2. Effective stress reduction tools

3. Engaging & transformational

Kelli’s Proven Process

1. Consult to identify your organizational needs. 2. Make a plan & strategy to meet those needs. 3. Agreement decided upon 4. Deliver a high-quality transformational experience 5. Evaluate and gather feedback

Kelli's Guarantee

A transformational experience; Quality and effective tools for wellness.

Kelli from the Heart

I am truly blessed and honored daily to support and help others to heal and engage in better self-care practices.  

Kelli on Betsy

She is incredibly wise and supportive.  Her intuition, guidance and accountability help move you toward your short-term and long-term goal for your business to be a great success!

Betsy from the Heart

Kelli is an incredibly sensitive human being using her passion and gifts to improve the lives of individuals and organizations.  Her unique approach to trauma makes her a sought after and 1 of a kind transformationalist.  You will be a more aware and healthy human being when you take advantage of her facilitation. 

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