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#2 Uncertain Times Suggestions for Leaders

Work ON your business when you cannot work IN your business. - This time can be a reflection and catch-up time to look back over the last year, etc., and put things in order that have been on your mind for a while. What are your Core Values and are you living up to them? Have they changed? What is your Core Focus? Niche? 10 year target? 3 year plan? And so on. It can be a great time to take a clarity break and put things in place for the future and in order by looking to see what is really important to you.

Ways to Be -

Patient - It is a virtue you will want to embrace and gain during this time.

Helpful - Do something for a client, friend, neighbor, family member, stranger. Reach out and make a difference to those less fortunate. What you do comes back to you.

Still - Be present to your needs and those of others.

From Word Among Us: How will I trust God today? How will I translate that trust into action?


What if you thought of it

as the Jews consider the Sabbath—

the most sacred of times?

Cease from travel.

Cease from buying and selling.

Give up, just for now,

on trying to make the world

different than it is.

Sing. Pray. Touch only those

to whom you commit your life.

Center down.

And when your body has become still,

reach out with your heart.

Know that we are connected

in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.

(You could hardly deny it now.)

Know that our lives

are in one another’s hands.

(Surely, that has come clear.)

Do not reach out your hands.

Reach out your heart.

Reach out your words.

Reach out all the tendrils

of compassion that move, invisibly,

where we cannot touch.

Promise this world your love--

for better or for worse,

in sickness and in health,

so long as we all shall live.

Lynn Ungar 3/11/2020

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