• Betsy Richard

#9 Uncertain Times Suggestions for Leaders

In her book Radical Candor, Kim Scott talks about the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. (Matthew 7:12) And she brings it to a Platinum Rule….to show you care personally. “Figure out what makes the other person feel comfortable and do that.” Sometimes I have asked people, "Do you prefer a hug or handshake? Do you prefer to meet in person or Zoom? Eat outside or inside?" Sometimes you can sense or your intuition lets you know what is best in certain situations. If you cannot figure it out, "Ask and you will receive." Matthew 7:7.

How do you look at the world? People? Your life? Circumstances? Simon Anolt asks "Do you see things with a Microscope or a Telescope?" Join me in seeing things through a telescope!!

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