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#6 Uncertain Times Suggestions for Leaders

When I went to the eye doctor to upgrade my lenses, the tech told me that our eyes are fresh every day so it is best to try my new glasses in the morning. I understood that. It made me think about everything else and how maybe I should see everything with a whole new lens every day. Gosh, how wonderful would everyone be and everything I have and go through if I saw them as something fresh and new every day? I have tried to practice this over the years, at times unsuccessfully. But when listening to the book Radical Candor by Kim Scott, the thought came up again. Why not join me in getting excited about everything and everyone being fresh and new every day. That can change our work and world for the better indefinitely!! "Look at people with 'Fresh New Eyes' every day." - Kim Scott in the book Radical Candor

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For good team development, the leader must be a part of the experience, and participate in all of the work. Leaders must be involved and grow with the rest of the organization. #leaderslead #teamdevel


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