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#1 Real Essentials Going Forward in Business

It is said that in a 10-year cycle there are usually 6 years that are good, 2 years that are great and 2 years that are terrible. How do we plan for the Peaks and Valleys (Book by Spencer Johnson, MD) of our businesses? Well……

1- VISION is imperative. If you and your people do not know where you are going, how will you know if/when you get there? There are 8 components of a vision that we will cover in the next few posts. Here they are in question form:

What are your Core Values?

What is your Core Focus?

What is Your 10 Year Target?

What is your Marketing Strategy?

What is your Three-year picture?

What is your one-year plan?

What are your quarterly Rocks?

What are your issues?

What is your vision? It is a process and changes as the market, people and business changes. Get focused working ON your business as much as you work IN your business.

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